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Talk about surprises coming my way...

Oh my god! I got invited to come weave at Strömsö!

Strömsö is a Finnish lifestyle TV show on national public tv that features and shares how-to's on all kinds of arts and crafts from textiles to woodwork and wholesome recipes of course. And the show is in Swedish, so I got to stretch my mother tongue a bit too!

Strömsö has an interesting history of very versatile projects from the past like building a sauna in a day while broadcasting live, upcycling clothing (just to mention a few) all in all they share phenomena supporting sustainable development and better living.

Their quality and ambition for doing tv is one of the reasons they have been a phenomenon and front runner in Finland in this type of tv entertainment since 2002 and they have fan bases not only in Finland but also other Scandinavian countries.

Program host Elin and me. Photo credit: Strömsö.

All in all they promote all the things I stand for too, and it was a true privilege to be invited to do an episode with them about weaving.

I am used to working in an open studio, so I was super stoked to set up the loom in the midst of camera gear and people walking past (they had open doors day and a photo shoot for upcoming Mother's Day).

For the episode I wove a shawl based on color inspiration found in surrounding nature. The studios are located at an estate in Vaasa Finland, so about 530km south of where I live and there was significantly less snow (like none at all!) as opposed to up here where I live. So I had some really nice pastel spring colors to work with.

The show airs on May 1st so stay tuned!!

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