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Costo x Susivilla

One of this year's absolute highlights which I haven't even had the chance to tell you about yet was a collaboration I did this autumn with Costo, a sustainable hats and accessories brand from Helsinki. I have been a fan since they started in 2006 producing hats from industry leftover textiles and have watched them grow into one of the most wholesome fashion brands to emerge from Finland in a decade while staying absolutely true to their original concept.

I was stoked (to say the least!) to get a chance to do a collaboration with the fellas over there, opportunities like this simply don't come along for weavers in our little country everyday. For me, the perfect way to celebrate Finalnd's 100th anniversary!

And Ta-da! Here they are: a limited edition of classic Costo Kombai hats with woven fabric á la Susivilla. The top fabric is a 100% wool fabric produced at a local family run weaving mill in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

I love 'em all but if I had to choose one, it would be this pale rose colored one.

No the grey... 'cause grey is so classic and timeless...

...oh no wait look at this bright yellow!

Hat photo credits: Costo

My mom went for the rose, isn't she cute ;)

You can buy these online HERE in Costo's online store, and while your at it why not check out one of their super cool bow ties, aprons, beanies or backpacks too; Costo products are well tailored and last a lifetime; a true statement for sustainability and a safe bet for a stylish future.

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