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Taking some Mommy time

Being a Mom is great, but so is being able to take a little time for yourself as well.

It's been cloudy and snowy for weeks again, but check out this Sunday's weather conditions! Yeah baby! A pleasant -10C with hardly any wind ;)

I drove over to Kuninkaanlaavu on the east side of the river today, and passed a biker on the way who I thought had a familiar shape and pace.. And whaddya know, when I get there best BFF Minna is just pulling on her snow shoes! Perfect timing, eh!

Had I not accidentally driven the wrong way at first we would have missed each other until at the top but this time, mamabrain here hello, took the highway north at first and had to trace back a while and made it in time to have company.

This day will keep me boosted for the week to come, which will surely bring us more snow. The snow fall has been extraordinary this winter, keeping us busy shoveling the yard in whatever little spare time we manage with our little bear cub.

I can't wait til next year when my son is old enough to sit in a sled and I can take him with me for one of these midwinter adventures!

And by the way, doing a couple of extra laps with the snowshoes where there are no snow scooter tracks is pretty darn good for getting back in shape after pregnancy.

Speaking of fitness, I have started jogging again, and I was so happy to discover I am not nearly in as bad a shape as I though I might be. Who knows, if I can find the time to train, I might even hit my target of running a half marathon this autumn!

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