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Christmas Special

This year's getting ready for Christmas is so drastically different from last year words can't do this justice. Hubby dearest and I feel so truly thankful. Last year I miscarried right around the beginning of December and this year, well; this picture says it all.

I haven't really had the time to think much about Christmas preparations, and quite frankly I don't plan to do much other than the ginger bread baking I got up to last night while my sous chef happily fell asleep in my front pouch.

Using a baby wrap is really nice as you get to have your hands free to do stuff while the lil man also gets to be a part of the action. People have been asking me if I've woven my own wrap for the baby yet and I'm so ashamed to say I haven't :) i have no experience weaving baby wraps but will be I able to call myself a weaver if I don't at least try to make one for Otso and me? The answer is probably no, so I'll be planning a warp for a wrap this coming spring unless the sky falls down on us.

But for now, I wish you all a very merry Christmas filled with lots of outrageous laughter, delicious food, good books, friends and family, peace and quiet or whatever it is you are in need of.

Happy Holidays!

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