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Stripes are the soul of Finnish textiles

After weaving more actively for the last two years it just hit me this winter how much I'm completely in love with stripes!

This year I've been cruising the second hand shops in town more frequently and discovered the abundance of stripey textiles out there from generations gone by.

I also couldn't help but notice what high quality hand woven goods are out there just screaming to be discovered and put to new use!

So it felt natural for my spring window exhibition at Taito Helsky to combine hand woven goods

with vintage textiles so typical to Finnish traditional textiles.

Stripes really are the soul of Finnish textile design I think. They can be polite, rhythmic and steady, or they can be wild and unruly like Lappish nature! Sometimes they are be blurry and undefined, like misty layers of air rising above the forest meadows. Stripes take many forms, and they never go out of style.

This spring I am celebrating stripes of all sorts by combining hand dying with hand woven and vintage textiles.

The bright colors definitely spill the details on how much I am missing summer now when the weather remains wintery at the end of March.

Most of these pieces are one-of-a-kind and I am really curious how people will relate to them. One thing's for sure, my love affair with stripes is just getting started ;)

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