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Two-color Brioche

Holy moly, I have been a knitter for a little over a decade now, but never have I stumbled upon anything even as remotely addictive as the two-color brioche stitch! Wow!

I have of course been following the story of Stephen West & co making the stitch famous but to be honest, without having tried knitting it, I did not quite understand what the hype was all about. I mean, it's just one itty bitty stitch with a wrap, right?!

But once you really get to barking and burping this stitch and its wrap.. HELLO! It is so addictive!

So far I've focused on learning the stitch and all its variations from Nancy Marchant's book Leafy Brioche, and this book is really good I can tell you. By working the different leaf patterns the brioche stitch and all the increases and decreases become super easy to comprehend. Most of all, wanting to follow through with the lines of the leaves makes it absolutely impossible to set the project aside for more than a few hours at a time! I'm really surprised I wasn't up all night knitting this poncho though I did finish it in less than a week I think ;)

As the brioche stitch itself is really snazzy it's well worth the effort to put equal attention to the cast-on and bind-off too. For this piece (and many other to come I'm sure) I learnt the two-color Italian cast-on and bind-off, which gives the edge a really nice finished look.

So, with this beautiful shoulder and boob hugging piece I am ready to breastfeed anywhere, anytime!

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