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Knitknitknit like there's no tomorrow!

I have seriously been getting my knit on this summer! Weaving takes up so much of my time in the winter I am definitely a summer knitter. Plus, I like to see all the cool yarn colors sparkle in the midnight sun! Part of the joy is rediscovering my yarn stash as I am making all kinds of cool stuff for my baby to be. Yes, I am expecting my first, and though I did not think it would happen to me, it did; I have gone bananas over baby stuff. So sorry ahead of time if this coming season is going to be a bit more about baby stuff than just business as usual!

I have hardly done any baby knits in my life so far, but little did I know how much fun it is to knit such tiny things!

But one of my favorite projects (which started with a whole lot of black sleeves and body stitching in the midwinter darkness) is finally finished; My very first Icelandic sweater! And I am so happy with it!

The pattern is from Swedish knit mag Kreativ Stickning, and I have to say the pattern writing in itself was not so impressive including some errata, plus I think the yoke decreases could have been more cleverly designed, but in the end I am very happy with the fit.

I think it is going to be one of those perfect outdoor sweaters; I made it in really warm and fluffy Drops Lima, so it should at least be warm enough being a wool-alpaca mix. Plus, It has room for my growing belly!

A friend from some years back contacted me saying she'd like to start knitting and was curious to know; how does one start? I advised her to start a project she really wants to make, something she wants to see finished, as that is my number one motivator when my knitting isn't progressing; seeing and using the finished project with my mind's eye.

What are your tips for how to start knitting?

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