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Noon on Dec 29th

Yesterday I went for a small hike up Kuninkaanlaavu, it's supposed to rain tomorrow (I know, doesn't look like it, does it!).

I was looking for a knife which I lost last October at a shelter around here, but no sight of it. It was a special knife given to me as a gift. FARRKK, I'm so bummed I didn't find it.

Oh well, the view was spectacular anyway. Walked around in my snow shoes but really the snow mobile tracks are firm enough to walk in with just hiking boots.

Bumped into some teenagers with their skidoos at the campfire and they offered me a readily grilled sausage, how nice was that!

They seemed like couple of nice guys, three of them, but I couldn't help but wonder about the sanity of them being on their smart phones most of the time they sat by the fire having a break. With these views! It's really incredible to think how some people pay themselves silly to get to enjoy the midwinter ambiance and to these local kids its just another ride on their skidoo. !!

I find myself somewhere in between, while I am stunned and moved by the landscapes around here every single time, especially in the winter, I do feel there is a routine to entering a campsite nowadays, and their is something almost everyday-like about it.

But still, there is nothing that makes me want to spend more than a minute with my smart phone out in colors (and temperatures) like these.

I love hiking up this hill because you enter out of this rather dark forest and you can almost sense the light before you see it sifting through the trees.

Here it is exactly noon on Dec 29th.

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