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November Movember

Ooohh these dusky mornings. Sitting here, savouring a lingonberry smoothie which I spent sunny days picking last September; having exactly these mornings in mind. Need these vitamin and flavour bombs to make it through the winter. It's also the link between the seasons, and while I may sit here and wonder whether those warm green days in the woods ever really happened, the berries in my hand reassure me; yes they did. It was real. And summer will come again.

Snow came late, again, this year but I did get in a few days of excellent outings right before the wet and sloppy set in. Good weaving weather I tell you. Now it's cooling down. Looking forward to real midwinter minus degree conditions.

I've been weaving a lot these past two weeks, got a surprise request from a pop up store in Joensuu, from an eco-fashion invested photography shop to be more exact; Foto Nerds, who is also going to be selling Costo accessories and Pure Waste textiles. Very stoked to be featured next to awesome clothing like theirs. Kiitti Ilkka!

My last shipments for Japan were sent off last week, and now I'm getting news from my friend Katsumi who is at the Hankyu Umeda Christmas Market in Osaka right now; where I was last year. It's so surreal to get greets from people over there, remembering me from last year. You guys are all great! I wouldn't mind being back there, but I'm feeling kind of OK being here too. Strange, like the traveling spirit in me has settled a bit or something.

I'm headed south to Helsinki at the end of next week, time to visit the family before Christmas, as Janne and I are spending Christmas Eve amongst ourselves up here this year.

It's time to stack up on yarn too! I'm running seriously low after such an intense season of weaving and making. Got some great stuff in mind for next year too, and some new opportunities coming up. The spring looks so bright!

There something I want to look out for though, not living too much in the past, like the summer that went, or the spring that is yet to come, lingering in memories is a trait that runs in the family, but try to live in the moment as well.

To celebrate the moment, I started a new knitting project, it'll be a long one and part of a bigger process. Will tell you all about it when I'm ready!

Have a lovely weekend, I'll be celebrating be father-in-laws 60th B-Day. I painted him a picture, but I'm afraid it won't have time to dry before it's time to give it. It'll be alright, it'll be hung at the currently hibernating summer house approx. 5 months from now anyway!

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