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The new weave

It just went straight from autumn to winter here! These two photos are taken 7 days apart (at locations about 7 km apart):

Can you believe it!

It inspired me to make this infinity shawl.

Next to hand weaving I did some research last spring on what it would look like if I made some designs for machine weaving.

I found a small weaving mill in Southern Finland, run by a lovely couple. Last month I finally got around to actually producing some of my own designs. It's still a bit open-ended where this might lead me, but here are two test weave pieces made in just some random colors which I think looked awesome together, little did I know the color scheme would perfectly reflect the weather conditions right now too.

One of the things that strikes me as the the most challenging in going from hand weaving to machine weaving is not that the production technique changes so drastically, but the fact that you have to go to so much thinner yarns is what throws me a bit.

Also the choice of colors and sequencing them in advance is a bit weird as I'm used to just kind of designing the stripes and colors on the go, using even the smallest bit of scrap yarn.

Well, if things go as planned, I'll be at the weaving mill working with some more wool at the beginning of the year.

This test piece is white cotton yarn and olive merino mix woven into black cotton warp. These fibers are so kind on your skin, and works well with the sewing machine too!

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