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Home studio coming along

Oh man, trying to set up a home studio has not been an easy task I tell you.

First of all; looms, or at least the kind I use, are BIG.

And not only are they big, the entire process of setting them up is laborious, and quite, eh, physical. Depending on your level of organization, and mine is, well it could be improved, it'll take half a day. Then there's the dressing of the loom and threading, that'll take another day or two.

The parts of the loom are quite large, whole wood, of course, they are heavy and clunky and I have indeed had some challenges finding the right loom to work with. And transportation is always at the mercy of those friends who have vans or trailers to their cars. Luckily those folks are quite many up here.

All in all I've had 2 looms walk in and out of the house in a year and a half but it looks like this 3rd one's a charm. Found a perfect place for it too.

My own patience has been put to the test and the looms going back and forth in our home have also put Husband's nerves to the test.

He now limits his response to grunts and amused grins whenever I bring up the subject of what loom would be best to work with, much like I do when he speaks of the newest e-devices entering our house.

But, as they say, third time's a charm, and thanks to the generosity of the local Steiner school, they donated this beauty to me. It's a pretty basic 120cm wide Varpapuu loom with an option of 8 threadles. I think I could go up to 12 if necessary, but that'll be a while, considering how much I can do with 8. I'm still all about the material after all.

I'm setting up for some new test weaving in cotton and linen, and I'll go from there. Iöve got a 4 threadle rosepath pattern coming along here.

One step at a time. We're surrounded by smart phones and apps all day long, so I haven't only had to tell other people but also myself that this isn't app technology I'm working with here. This takes time. And that's why it's so precious.

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