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Like Color from a Subwoofer

And then there are days when you go for a hike and you just gawk and wonder whether you still are on the same planet. Don't these trees look just like giant popcorn?

Temperatures dropped at the end of the week and I am seeking new inspiration. Walking has always helped with getting the creative juices flowing, and having some time this week I went a little further so I drove to Levi.

First day I spent snowboarding so no pics from that day, but yesterday I roamed about the top of Levi in my snow shoes. There's skiiers around of course, but if doing a little selective twisting and turning, changing altitudes etc, you can find some rather pristine areas too.

There wasn't much powder to speak of, as the extreme chill and wind the day before makes the snow very hard and compact.

Oops someone forgot to pay the elctric bill!

Summer terraces and old lift operation huts are sometimes abandoned for the winter and they get snowed in, to say the least.

The trees become like strange sculptures and you feel like you have stepped into an entirely different world, where there are no cars, no noise.

Popcorn, yes?

I took these pics around 1pm, and the sun was just hovering over the horizon. It made the most remarkable light and these wonderful dreamy pastel colors that really have some depth to them. Lavender, rose, contrasting with the cold. It's like color on a subwoofer.

Also the way the snow reflects light in these conditions is just extraordinary. So delicate, in such a hard climate.

Icicles freeze horizontally in the wind, and inside me something moves. I love this place! In all it's wintery darkness, in all the months it's too cold to have the kitchen door open, it's days and places like these that remind me why I chose Lapland.

Having a little trouble readjusting after Osaka, this lil trip did the trick. It's good to be home.

Happy new year!

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