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I recently broke my camera in an unlucky snowboarding accident ( me fine, camera not so fine), so I am now resorting to using a borrowed point'n'shoot camera. I am a bit bummed out about not being able to play with shutter speed and f/stop, but having recently gotten acquainted with lomography, a form of instant photography, I am taking this as a chance to just point and shoot without over-thinking it.

Besides, I've been inside the studio weaving for two days straight, so it's nice to get out for a little bit of relaxing walking. Spring is here too as far as light night goes, even if the temperatures aren't very springy yet. I love the blue haze of an April evening in this part of the world. And even though the melting of the snow isn't always a beautiful process with all the litter coming out, it sometimes holds interesting surprises and new points of view!

Also, I am gathering ideas for my weaving projects this summer, so I am on a hunt for new and interesting color combinations, unexpected patterns and symbolism integrated in weaving. Here's a few shots from tonight, let's see which ones of them make it into production!







#lomography #weaving #spring #light #walking #inspiration #ideas

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