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Diving into new

And so it went, summer turned into autumn and I am diving into new challenges again. It has been a crazy two years and the crazy keeps coming. I have found new partners to work with and new connections in Japan, who would've thunk it from a small crafter in Lapland!!!

I've got new stuff coming out for winter 2016-2017, both in handwoven shawls and something new too; more on that later ;)

Being involved in many projects at the same time I have discovered is something I both cherish, and something that I also risk getting too much stress on me.

Getting even a few moments in nature everyday helps keeping me balanced.

Harvest season for berries is approaching its end, (cranberries is just starting though) and all is canned and preserved for the winter. The fruits and berries section of our freezer is FULL!

It's amazing this primal satisfaction you get from making and then storing your homemade preservatives for the winter. It really is a feeling of happy I get from nothing else. It's super cool.

Apart from the blueberries and currant jams i normally do, I also tried out a new recipe this year with a friend; lingonberry jelly where you steam the lingonberries into a juice and then booil it with sugar to a jelly-like consistency. Yummy! And so tasty with wild meat like moose and reindeer!

As for the studio I finally had a few moments to put it into shape to be able to host some visitors.

There's still couple of odd pieces of furniture in there that need to be removed, but it's starting to look real nice.

Sensei Katri asked me if my husband sees me at home at all anymore now that I've got my own studio and can weave 24/7 if I want to! It's tempting, but I do still try to come home for dinner and sleep in the bed ;)

Another thing is I discovered a good source of audio books in Nextory in Swedish and can now remedy my bad conscience for never having the time or patience to finish reading any of the gazillions of books that are out there. And I get to brush up on my mother tongue vocab which I too rarley get to speak anymore.

Tis week I've been reading about Lawrence Anthony, the man who could speak to his flock of elephants in Africa and it blows my mind how I can sit in Lapland and weave and I'm instantly transported to somewhere else ;)

And here I thought it would be challenging to focus on a story while doing something else, when in fact weaving seems to put me in exactly the right headspace to be able to catch every inch of the story being told. Very neat stuff.

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