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Hi, I was just referred to an article about a Danish concept called hygge, an idea of enjoying the opportunity to stay in and cozy up with friends and yummy Christmas treats instead of getting flustered about the dark and cold outside. I totally sign that hygge works and makes the perfect season's ambience in the home.

I have never been the one to do any kind of seasonal decorations, but I guess you could say this year with so many visitors and all I figured it is time to try.

So I put my best foot forward and made some ginger bread decorations (these will get eaten for sure at our New Year's party)

I am not the most gifted at making the frosting pretty so I tested sprinkling lingonberry powder on them and it stuck! Not quite at Anna Polyviou level yet, but you know, first time's a first!

Also puzzled together these these advent candles...

Oh! And I made ice houses for outdoor candle light!

I froze a couple of 10 L buckets of water (in -15C it took about 12 hours to freeze) .

These always remind me of my childhood in the 80s when Dad used to make them with us. And I love them! I have no idea why I haven't made these in the winters before, but it might be nice to pick up the tradition from here on now..

Oh! And last Sunday the weather was so great I took my axe out for a walk too ;)

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