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Visitors from Sapporo

At the beginning of the week I had visitors from Sapporo, and they were so excited about my little workshop and home!

I served them an introduction to lifestyle here and we were lucky with the most beautiful December weather with temperstaues where my cozy, warm wool shawls are absolutely appropriate!

We took a look around the yard and the guests (working for house scandinavian-oriented building and home reincarnation businesses in Sapporo) also had an opportunity to take a look around our Finnish home. I decided to be shameless and introduced them to all the quirks and weirdnesses of our home which was built in the 50s.

It makes me so happy to have a steady flow of visitors, it really makes me believe more and more everyday that I am on the right track with what I'm doing. You might remember an earlier blog post where I was apprehensive about the polar night which was nearing, but I have barely noticed the dark!

It's been so light with the snow and of course the people. Thank you for visiting me!


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