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Aches and Pains of a Weaver

Weaving can be back-breaking work sometimes, anyone who's done hours of dressing the loom or warping or putting threads through heddles knows what I'm talking about!

My main body ache issue from weaving comes from me being absolutely and conclusively right-footed; that means I always work the treadles with my right foot. Needless to say, it creates an imbalance in muscle tension between the right and left side. Also, because of the seat and loom being of a different make I can't quite get the seat at the optimal distance to the weaving.

To weave as much as I do though it is important to have my body in balance. That's one reason I like to hike so much; it is perfect relaxation and motion for my body used to sitting for hours weaving.

I am a martial artist, I practice traditional kung fu, but recently had a break of almost a month in training and my body started voicing its complaints immediately; my lower back is tense as hell this weekend. What to do?! There's treadles to tie but I am having a hard time putting layers of winter clothes on! Obviously return to practice, and a friend who is a very gifted masseuse was luckily visiting this weekend. She put pressure on some trigger points and voilá! I can fit myself under the loom again.

As additional first aid in my chilly studio room I wrapped one shawl around my waist instead of my neck and It turned out ok. It's actually really comfortable, I might start dressing like this everyday, kind of like the look!

#weaving #style

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