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The demand for lifestyle

Someone recently asked if they could come with a group and see my lifestyle. For a moment I was a bit baffled and taken by it, I hadn't really thought of myself as having a particular lifestyle, and if I did what and how would I best show it to them?

But of course with the rise of interior blogs and other lifestyle phenomena that are trending right (online and elsewhere), lifestyle has become a product.

I've been watching this new series WestWorld on HBO, (if you are at all interested in A.I., you need to see it), it's about a world where people pay a lot of money to go to an amusement park to experience the wild west, or more, to actually live there.

All of this it got me thinking about amusement parks and how it would be if you could experience someone else's lifestyle for a day?

Would that make us appreciate our own lives more? Would it be irreversibly damaging to us? Would it make us more compassionate as a species? I don't know, but it's an interesting thought in the midst of racist presidential candidates, Brexit, the immigrant crises in Europe and whatnot.

I find it very telling that where I live, amidst experiences for sale like husky rides and snow scooter safaris, there is also a demand for the quieter things in life. For home life.

And so the other week I was surprised to find myself writing an offer for exactly that; making a home experience aimed for Japanese travellers.

It is difficult to put down in words something that is really very ordinary for us; our daily lives.

I think it's worth learning more about though, as I am the type that is really restless and gets bored quite quickly.

Could I, too, see what is interesting in daily life?

And so starting this winter I will attempt to put my finger on what exactly is the essence of Finnish lifestyle and to do it through writing. I do not know what will come of it, it may very well ruin the silent pleasure of my daily chores, but it may also bring out some totally unexpected insights, let's see what happens!

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