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Notes on a winter day

Was out for my weekly hike yesterday. Weather condition's great: surprisingly cold, -16 C!

Left the sun in Rovaniemi, and ran into some interesting icy mist or fog in the woods. Shows white is really not white but can be all kinds of shades.

Also found a shelter I hadn't been to before. There was a family sitting there when I came, they were nice and chatty, I enjoyed their company; on my outing's I haven't lately met people that like to talk too much. Which is fine too.

There's this couple I ran into over several weekends over the course of last spring - summer, in different locations too, but I haven't seen them in a while. Kind of miss them.

Would love to see them sometime this winter. It's fun with people you only meet on trails but have no idea what their at work or elsewhere.

Where I was yesterday I was not only in the company of hoomans.

Soon as the family left I heard the familiar tweet of siberian jays around me. Turned out there was two of them, and they were in need of company too! They got down-right cozy with me and flew so close to where I was sitting, proabably hoping to get their share of my snacks!

They looked so fun, bursting with energy and the snow spraying all around them as they were taking turns using the bench as a runway for landing and taking off.

The sun eventually came out right before setting, very early right before 3pm, no longer offering any real warmth but instead making one of its last appearances for this year.

#nature #photography #winter #campfire

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