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Moss, heather and marsh tea

I came back from Urkult World music festival late last night feeling tired, but at the same time very inspired.

Such interesting artists and people I met there, especially my travel mates from Ireland Urs Harttung from Bearfoot Enterprise, Airmid All Natural Soap, Patricia Miller Ceramics, Sally Ann's Handmade Bags, The Journeyman Saddler and Ciara Campbell Ceramics plus of course our organizer Creative Momentum Project!

In fact I've been such a roadshow this summer I haven't had time to weave as much as I hoped for, but I have got my studio in order for the winter, and it's getting the old roof renewed as I write. Yay! I'll be all warm and cozy to weave away the long winter nights.. and they are coming soon though the evenings are still filled with light.

So meanwhile, let me introduce to you my new warp! She's been inspired by all the little pink fell flowers that grow on the marsh and tundra.

While I haven't been able to go on any longer hikes, the weather's been so kind on us and I have been able to do a decent amount of day and evening outings, aahhh... And the blueberry season is just starting.

Tracks of the unseen...


Marsh tea... oh how I love their strong aroma!

First rows..

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