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Urkult Festival, Sweden

When I started weaving it had an unexpected impact on my life: apart from learning a new skill I also have become so much more interested in where clothes come from and the quality of what I wrap y body in.

I haven't been a big shopper for many years now, maybe never even was come to think of it, but it seems more important now than ever not to buy more than I need.

Caring more about textiles and their origins I imagine is a pretty natural side effect of learning what it actually means to make textile.

But here's what I didn't expect:

at the same time I've also become more interested in the origins of other things too, especially in eating local food from grown by people I know and of course the corner stone of any finnsih diet: wild food.

I love this change!​​

And so I am stoked to be going to a Swedish music festival called Urkult this weekend to sell some shawls and enjoy the local vibes! The festival is in central Sweden, sorry to say I've only ever visited Stockholm up until now so it'll be fun to see the more rural areas too; more specifically Ramsele. And of course the 700km drive there. That I am not so excited about but it gives me time to blog, eh!

Seeya at Urkult!

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