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Sunday pleasures

I went out to vaattunkiköngäs again, probably for the 5th time in just a few months.

Been feeling super stressed of late and thought I'd just go for a little bit of a longer walk this weekend.

Walking is so good! I mean really really good! I tell you, if I could I would just hike and hike and hike everyday.

My mind clears after just a few mins no matter how clogged I am going out.

Although I didn't see any people today, I caught glimpse of a reindeer scooting into the woods and tracks of a squirrel already gone by.

I also heard the Kuukkeli bird but didn't see them.

Sometimes the walk feels so re-energizing I feel like I can sustain on just small snacking, especially today because Janne woke early and today he made some pretty awesome rye pan cakes.

Still, I have to say today skis would have been a good idea!

Been thinking of getting cross-country skis for a few years now and after the walks I've been doing this winter I might really do it this time. I'll see come spring and the discounts start.

Anyway... here's a couple of today's shots.

Sorry for the Suunto ad but wristwatch GPS is simply awesome.

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