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Beginnings and endings!

I dropped off my lamp shade delivery for Oulu University yesterday ;) Still waiting to see the final hanging but here's a sneak peak for what we're looking at. The electric guys were kind ebough to hold it up for size. It's a 1 m diameter cylindrical shape and there's 6 of them. I describe the project in more detail here.

So happy to see this project come to an end, it was a good (and highly local!) cooperation between a local metal welder who did the frame, Jukka Kursula, and the lady from MEB Design at Arktiset Ompelijat who can apparently sow anything. Always a priviledge to work with pros!!

On Sunday it's off to Osaka and I couldn't resist but type in to Google "Osaka yarn

shops". I didn't think I'd find any specific yarn shop, but I actually ended up with a blog post in plain English describing in minute detail how to find a particular yarn shop in Osaka with all the details entailing what train to take where and so on.

So thanks to whoever took the time to write that! I will surely appreciate it when I step on the plane back home with a bag fully stacked with Noro yarns. Oh, delish!

So, I am all in place with my products for the Christmas market.

I had to go downtown earlier today and get a few final things and decided to walk by the river with clear skies and southern wind.

There's a nice snow blanket settled for good now, unlike previous winter when it kepot melting away all the way until Christmas. Plus, I need to enjoy my last minutes of pastel skies before I'm off.

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