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Design in the Arctic

This year's Arctic Design Week offers a wide variety of events and exhibitions with the theme '"transparency".

The week comprises of events at three main locations: Arktikum, Pilke, Korundi and Revontuli shopping center.

Here's a mere few of the week's highlights:

Opening ceremony monday 18:00. Come see the beautiful opening ceremony surrounded by natural snow and ice, this is how we do it in the North.

The seminar on thursday 19.2 10:00 is hosted by Tuija Seipell. Seminar offers superb speakers from companies like Innojok, Droplet Hitech Design, Kuljetus Kovalainen and Arctic Warriors. Topic of the day is to bring forth just how service design brings value to companies of different kinds. Morning is in Finnish, afternoon in English, free of charge! At the end of the day will also be announced the winners of this year's 24hr design contest "Hyvä elämä kylissä", sponsored by Kemijoki Oy.

Campfire talks occur everyday at 17.30. Don't miss this chance to sit down in the city and enjoy a good chat over a cozy camp fire. Dress warm though, these are outdoors, of course. Storytellers of all kinds will surely be seen at these. Maker's Lounge is a new event which aims to bring forth just what goes into the making of design. At the lounge featured several skills like ski-making and arctic coffee roasting!

SusiVilla will be at the Maker's Lounge weaving together with Taito Lappi. Scheduled info packages regarding weaving and recycled materials in craft below:

The Maker's Lounge is open everyday 10-18 in the connecting aisle between Rinnekulma and Revontuli shopping centers.

Fashion Show is on saturday, 1st round 19:00 and 2nd round 20:30. Can hardly wait what they have done with the transparency theme!!! Ice for clothing, who knows!!

As usual food is a great part of the design week, Aitta Deli is again in charge of the superb lunches and brunches we have witnessed in the past. Don't forget, when it's cold you need to eat more. YUM!

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