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From quality materials

come quality products.


Susivilla swears by natural fibers and is on a steady search for recycled materials for loom weaving.


Shawls: alpaca and wool for winter – linen in the summer.

Alpaca and sheep's wool make a wonderful mix for warm, yet luxuriously soft shawls and accessories.


Wool is nature's own gore-tex providing isolation from cold yet staying breathable. Wool with its natural lanolin left in it will even give water proof qualities in rough outdoor conditions.


Alpaca again has a longer fibre structure than sheep's wool, thus making it super soft next to sensitive skin. Also a good alternative to those allergic to with sheep's wool.

In the summer cooler materials are preferrable, such as linen and recycled cotton.


Rag rugs from recycled materials.

Rag rugs give multidimensional color effects. This traditional home textile adds a rustic dimension to any kind of home. In old houses with plank floors they are a simple must! Textiles for ragrugs are gathered from second hand shops and industry surplus.

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